Nysc Corp member allegedly beaten up by teacher in Delta state

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A National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) member was reportedly brutalized by a teacher at her Place of Primary Assignment (PPA), for refusing to handover some money placed in her care.

NYSC member viciously beaten by a newly recruited FG’s N-Power teacher .

According to a report sent in by someone who claims to be the victim’s friend, a serving corp member was beaten up by a teacher at the school where she was assigned to teach.

The incident which took place in Delta state, left the corp member bruised and bleeding from a big gash on her forehead.

Here’s what transpired below:

“Good day, my name is Kasumu Mariam Omotoyosi. I am a Corp member, currently serving in Edo state. I would like to report a case involving on of my friend who is serving in Delta state. Her PPA is ‎Obodeti senior secondary commercial school, Ndokwa west LG.

She was beaten up by an N-power teacher named Enuofu Benjamin, because she refused to handover the money allocated to their house’s inter-house sport for him to flex with it.

After the incident, she reported at Abbi police station, Delta state, but nothing has been done about it. She also reported to her Local Government Inspector and no action has been taken. I have attached pictures as a proof and also a copy of the ID card of the corp member in question.”

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