WINThrills Network: 4 Simple Ways to Make Money Online

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How to make money online with WINThrills network is a question been asked by many who are seeking additional income streams. Because of the financial risks that come from relying on one source of income, such as a job or a business, it is best to consider creating at least one or more additional streams to generate cash flow. WINThrills Network is a guaranteed way to get started. It is very proper to verify businesses before you take a step. That is what have helped me and now, I will share my experience with you.

There are many opportunities available to start an online based income by sitting at home because the internet is the center of knowledge. Many people spend their time on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, BBM, etc chatting their day away. You can use the same platform to make money online. WINThrlls Network gives you that opportunity and today, I’m going to explain 4 simple ways to make money online with WINThrills Network.

About WINThrills Network

WIN means Web Income Nigeria; it is a segmented platform for Mandee Thrills Company. It’s a Network Advertising platform that delivers both amazing results for its advertisers and a highly profitable revenue stream for its promoters. Since 2010, online marketers have depended on the WINThrills Network Advertising to deliver to visitors. WINThrills centralizes the advertisers who wish to promote products or services online and the promoters who are eager to generate revenue.

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WINThrills Network is also an international online crowdfunding platform that connects private investors with businesses. A team of WINThrills Network professionals provides investors decision-making tools which connect investors and reliable businesses.

With the rapidly growing community of over 500,000 members, WINThrills Network has created a global share exchange and smart exchange. A recently launched WINThrills Network project -Global WINThrills Network- allows qualified WINThrills Network investors to become affiliates and earn money from referring businesses that need funding.

4 Ways to Make Money Online With WINThrills Network

If you have been trying to learn about the WINThrills Network, or how to make money with it, I guess you waited well. I am sure what you read from this guide will change how you have been seeing the business. Note that WINThrills have two membership plan – FREE membership and VIP membership plan.

#1. Join And Promote Ads
Join winthrills network today
  • Join WINThrills today, then register for your personal account to have access to the tools to start making money on the platform. If you join through a referrer, you will receive free N1000 into your account instantly.
sample of  N1,000 bonus given to members of winthrills network after registration
  • Then start promoting ads from WINThrills Network on your social networks like Facebook, Twitter, or blogs and get paid per click. To get this done, click on Account>>Profile and enter all your personal information which should include your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Google+ accounts. Enter your blog/website (not a must) if you have one. This will enable the Network to monitor the progress of ads shared by you.
  • Now, go to Promoter Center, you should see two types of WINThrills ads labeled PPC/PPP Text Ads and PPC Banner Ads. Simply click on the one you prefer and start sharing your social network. For example, if you choose to promote Text ads, after clicking on PPC/PPP Text Ads, you will see something this below. click on the document-like icon in the red box to get the Text ads that can be promoted.

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PPC/PPP Text Ads

Promoting Ads is available to both Free and VIP members but NOTE that If you are a VIP member, you have an additional benefit of getting paid per promotion (PPP) when you promote any ad listed on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & LinkedIn (Social Pages URL must be indicated in your profile).

#2. Refer Friends and Make Money Online With WINThrills Network

You can earn extra income with the WINThrills Network Referral Program (Also known as Affiliate program). This quite simple to do. Get your personalized referrer link from the Home section after you login. Copy it and share on WhatsApp, Facebook, BBM, Twitter and anywhere you can.

Once people click on the link and actually register to become a VIP member, you get paid. As one on a free membership, you get ₦500 while a VIP member gets ₦1,000 instant cash bonus.

Cool right? Wondering how to become a VIP member? After registering on WINThrills, go to Home section and in front of Free Member, click on Upgrade Now (You can also navigate Account>>Upgrade). Note that upgrading to VIP membership cost ₦5,000 yearly as at the time of writing this report. This amount can be regained almost immediately, as soon as you using any of the 4 Ways to Make Money Online With WINThrills Network.

#3. Diversify and Invest on Properties: CrowdFunding on WINThrills Network

Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising monetary contributions from a large number of people, typically via the internet. Presently, I invested 11,200 naira into a 90 day crowdfunded project on WINThrills network in getting a feel of how it work. The picture below shows my daily return on investment (ROI).

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My ROI on Crowdfunded project

From the above, I get 0.37% of 11,220 daily which is 41.51 naira. This means, 11.1% of any amount I invest within any given period. Believe me, I have invested 200k into the Nigerian Treasury Bills for a period of 90days, crowdfunding on WINThrills seems to be better. You can give it a try and see for yourself but note, crowdfunding is only accessible to VIP members.

Proof of winthrills network payment

Already registered VIP members can crowdfund a project by going to Investor Center to first make a Deposit of the amount you wish to invest, then select from the investments currently running. They presently include Pre Tenated Student, UK Car Park, Bateson Building, Liverpool and The Corran 5 Star Boutique Hotel. Select the investment package that suits you and click on “deposit to this plan”.

#4. Network Advertising

WINThrills network advertising will enable you to reach a wider audience. This an extension of point #2 described above. There are several options available which include:

  • Network tools: If you have a website or a blog, you can copy the referral banner code shown in this section and place anywhere on your website to get new referrals.
  • Inactive Referral: Gives details of those you referred but are not actively making money using any of the listed 4 Ways to Make Money Online With WINThrills Network.
  • VIP referral: Those you referred and are now on VIP membership
  • Revolving Matrix: The more referrals you get, your status will change from Bronze to Gold etc which means, you get more money making opportunities.
  • Challenge: The Challenge Program provides you an opportunity to earn while your referrals earn on WINThrills Network. Refer new VIP members to earn a monthly bonus.

When you succeed in completing your challenge within the scheduled period, and your downlines are active, you will be placed on a certain pay bonus every month for 14 months.

  • Refer 10 VIP Members to get Bonus/Month: NGN5,000 and get paid for 14 months
  • Refer 20 VIP Members to get Bonus/Month: NGN20,000 and get paid for 14 months
  • Refer 30 VIP Members to get Bonus/Month: NGN50,000 and get paid for 14 months

The fact is hard work never fails and yes, it is true. If you are giving to hard work, devotion, and perseverance to your interest, then no one can stop you to get to your goal. Now that you know 4 simple ways to make money online with WINThrills Network, imagine how much you will make monthly? #30000, #40000, #50000? You can do more than that if you serious like me.

Are you ready? Click WHINThrill to get started now. NEXT: Advertising on Winthrills Network: Beginners Guide

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